STACK and FULLER families from County Kerry, Ireland to Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin and to Australia

William FULLER

At 13 years of age William FULLER began to work for several farmers. Later he worked for a manufacturing company for about 15 years. Around 1844 he bought a small farm of 80 acres in County Kerry and lived there until his death. [info from MFF]

B.C. reports that: William FULLER of Knocknacaska was married to Catherine LANGFORD on 10 February 1824 in Castlemaine Roman Catholic Parish, County Kerry. The marriage record states that Catherine was from Keel (Castlemaine R. C. Parish and Kilgarrylander Civil Parish, County Kerry.) The family lived in Knocknacaska which is part of Abbeydorney Roman Catholic Parish and the O'Dorney Civil Parish. William Sr. appears in the 1850 Griffiths Valuation in Knocknacaska. He had a house and was farming 48 acres. This farm bordered the townland of Fahavane where his brother, John FULLER, lived. Fahavane is part of Abbeydorney R. C. Parish, but is in Kilflynn Civil Parish. William is probably buried in the Fuller family tomb located in Kiltomy Cemetery, Lixnaw, County Kerry. The Fullers of Fahavane, Knocknacaska and Curraghcroneen are all buried in this tomb which dates to at least 1850. This indicates the close kinship between these branches of the Fuller family. [info from BC]


The family worshiped at the Catholic church at Armstrong, a crossroads with a Post Office, in the Osceola Township. The first church was named St. Mathew's and it was established in 1856. Later, a new church was built on the site and named Our Lady of Angels. In the 1980s or 1990s the church moved to Mitchell's Corner, also in Osceola Township, on property once owned by John Michael STACK. His house still stands next to the church property. The church was renamed Shepherd of the Hills. The cemetery at the Our Lady of Angels property is being maintained and is open for viewing.

Michael STACK

Michael Stack left a typed will dated 4 Oct. 1897 - "I, Michael Stack, of the Town of Osceola, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, of sould [sic] mind and memory, do make and publish this my last will and testament: -
1st:- I direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid out of my real estate.
2nd:- That a suitable monument may be erected over my last resting place, the amount of the expense thereof to be determined by my beloved wife, and to be paid out of my real estate.
3rd:- I give devise and bequeath to my wife Hannah Stack, the South half (1/2) of the South East quarter (1/4) of the South Ea t [sic] quarter (1/4) of Section eight (8) Township fourteen (14) Range nineteen (19) to have and to hold forever.
4th:- I give, devise and bequeath to my son Edward, all the rest of the real estate that I may die possessed of except as hereinbefore stated, subject to the payment of the several legacies hereinafter mentioned, and subject to the life estate of my beloved wife and also subject to the payment of the following sums, which shall be a lien upon the real estate given to my son Edward until the same shall be paid.
5th:- To my daughter Hannah Maria Grogan three hundred dollars.
6th:- To my daughter Jane, three hundred dollars.
7th:- To my daughter Eliza Stack three hundred dollars.
8th:- To my daughter Alice three hundred dollars.
9th:- To my son S. S. Stack one dollar.
10th:- To my son William Stack, one dollar.
11th:- To my son James one dollar.
Sid [Said?] several legacies not to be paid until after the decease of my beloved wife, and to bare [sic] no interest until that time.
12th:- I, have already provided for my son John, and he is not entitled to take anything under this will.
Thirteenth:- I give to my beloved wife all my personal property household goods of every name and nature to have and to hold forever.
Fourteenth:- I hereby make it the duty of my son Edward to build and keep in repair the fences on my real estate and to work road tax and my wife to pay other taxes.
Fifteenth:- It is my will that twenty dollars be expended by my executor for masses for the repose of my soul, to be paid out of my personal property.
Sixteenth:- It is my will that in the event of the death of any of the legatees before he or she obtains his or her share of my estateproviding [sic] he or she shall leave no issue, then the share of suchchild [sic] or children shall be equally divided among the other legatees of the will herein, provided however that such child or childrens [sic] share shall not become due and payable until after the decease of my beloved wife.
Seventeenth:- It is my will that my wife shall not sign away her life interest but she is hereby authorized to raise sufficient money on my real estate, by mortgage to pay for a monument, debts and funeral expenses as hereinbefore provided.
Eighteenth:- I hereby revoke all former wills by me made.
Nineteenth:- I hereby nominate my wife Hannah Stack, executrix of this my last will and testament, and it is my request that she shall not be required to give any bonds or other security as such executrix, as I have entire confidence in her ability and honesty to carry out the provisions of this will, as far as she is authorized to do so.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 4th day of October A.D. 1897.
Michael Stack /s/
The foregoing instrument, consisting of two sheets and a fraction printed on type writer and consisting of nineteen paragraphs was this day signed by the testator, in our presence, and we at his request and in his presence, and in the presence of each other signed our names as subscribing witnesses hereto.
Rev. M. E. Downs /s/ P. O. Address, Armstrong Wis.
P. H. Morarity /s/ P. O. Address, Armstrong, Wis."

John Michael STACK

"No state in the Union can present to the traveler a more beautiful prospect of fertile acres stretching out for miles in well cultivated productiveness with modern barns and farm buildings and the most improved and efficient equipment than can Wisconsin, and scarcely a state in the middle west, in proportion to the amount of soil under cultivation, is more productive. Among the men whose individual efforts have contributed toward this great prosperity, none have done more active development work than John M. Stack, now proprietor of one hundred and forty acres of land in Osceola township where he carries on general farming and is well known as a successful breeder and dealer in blooded cattle. Mr. Stack is of Irish ancestry and his father, Michael Stack, was the first representative of the family to come to America. He was one of the representative citizens and agriculturists of Fond du Lac county for many years and also prominent in local political circles. He was born in County Kerry and came to the United States when still a young man. His first residence was in the state of Vermont where he worked at farming in the employ of one man for six years. In 1852 he left Vermont for Wisconsin with his wife who was in her maidenhood Miss Hannah Fuller and whom he had married in Vermont. Mrs. Stack, the mother of our subject, was also a native of County Kerry and came alone from Ireland to the United States in 1849. When Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stack settled in Wisconsin, the father bought eighty acres of land in Forest township, which was in a wild and undeveloped state. With his own hands he built the log cabin in which he and his wife resided for many years and where their son, John M., was born. Michael Stack was an enterprising and ambitious man and soon had part of his land cleared and in a state of comparative development. He then disposed of his acres in Forest township and purchased a large farm in Osceola where he lived until his death at the age of sixty-eight years in 1896. He had been an active force in the educational development of Fond du Lac county and has served on the school board for over thirty years. He acted as supervisor of Osceola township and did efficient work for twenty years as justice of the peace. He was a democrat and his public life was always molded by his party's principles. His wife passed away in Fond du Lac county in 1909 when she was seventy-three years of age. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stack were the parents of ten children, nine of whom are still living. Their eldest son was John M., the subject of this sketch. William H., is prominent in the automobile business in Milwaukee and is rapidly gaining success in this line of activity. The first daughter born to their union was Maria, who is the widow of Professor Barnard Grogan. Mrs. Grogan makes her home in Washington, D. C., with her son Stephen who graduated from law school and is now a practicing attorney in that city. Stephen S., is a prominent physician in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He received an efficient education in the grammar and high schools of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, and later received his medical degree from Rush Medical College, Chicago. He practiced his profession in Campbellsport, Fond du Lac county, for five years. He took a course in surgery at Baden-Baden, Germany, and upon his return located in the city of Fond du Lac where he practiced for four or five years before he removed to Milwaukee where he is now head of the Sacred Heart Sanitarium under a twenty year contract. He is recognized as one of the able and leading physicians of Milwaukee and is one of the prominent representatives of the profession in that city. He married Miss Mary O'Connor and is the father of four children. The fifth child born to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stack is James, who has followed the advertising business in Chicago for fifteen years. He made various removals before finally locating in the latter city and worked for seven years in St. Paul, Minnesota. He is head of one of the largest advertising concerns in the country and is prominent in financial and social circles of Chicago. His wife in her maidenhood was Miss Del Ross, a daughter of John Ross of Waupun, Wisconsin. Eliza became the wife of Mart Hanover of Chicago, Illinois, by whom she has two children. The four youngest children of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stack are: Jennie, now Mrs. William Reilly of Empire township; Alice, who is married and resides in Arizona; Edward, who farms on the old homestead in Fond du Lac county; and Thomas, who passed away when he was six years of age.

John M. Stack is the eldest of ten children and was born April 27, 1852. His birth occurred in Fond du Lac county and his education was received in the district schools of that section. He was acquainted with the details of agriculture from his early childhood and always aided in the labor of his father's farm. He worked on the homestead until he was twenty-seven years of age when he bought sixty acres of unimproved land in Osceola township and began an independent agricultural career. He labored early and late in the cultivation and development of his land and as a result soon became prosperous and successful. He built a modern house upon his holdings in 1893 and it stands today as an example of modern residential architecture in Fond du Lac county. It is lighted by gas and the plumbing equipment is sanitary and modern in all its departments. Mr. Stack has also made important improvements in his barns and silos and carries on his agriculture along scientific and progressive lines. He was soon able to purchase eighty acres adjoining his original sixty and his farm aggregates one hundred and forty acres of the most improved and productive soil in Fond du Lac county. Mr. Stack engages in general farming but gives special attention to the breeding of high-grade stock. In this enterprise he is associated with his son George and their united efforts have resulted in a flourishing and constatnly increasing business along this line. He breeds full-blooded and high-grade Holstein cattle and makes their buying and selling an extensive branch of his industry.

In 1884 Mr. Stack was united in marriage to Miss Mary O'Connell of Sheboygan county, a daughter of John and Margaret O'Connell, who were among the oldest settlers in that section. To Mr. and Mrs. Stack have been born three children. George was born on the 9th of February, 1885, and was educated at the Oshkosh Normal School. He taught school for four terms in Sheboygan county, Wisconsin, with much success, but having decided to adopt farming as his career in life attended the agricultural department of the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Upon leaving school he returned home and is now active with his father in the operation of the home farm. Florence was born on the 11th of March, 1889, and was graduated from the State Normal School at Oshkosh. She later taught school in Marion, Waupaca county, Wisconsin, and is now a teacher in the district schools of Osceola township. Her position is in one of the best schools in the state and she is carrying on its duties ably and admirably. The youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Stack is Stella whose birth occurred in 1893 and who attended the Normal School of Oshkosh and St. Mary's Academy.

Mr. Stack is one of the representative and prosperous men of his state and county. He does not allow farming to monopolize his entire attention but is a well known and influential factor in business and political circles. He has for thirty-five years been actively identified as an auctioneer in this county, and has been agent and director of the Marshfield Fire Insurance Company for twenty years, and his business discrimination has influenced its success. He gives his political allegiance to the democratic party and has been active in promoting the public welfare of his county in public office for many years. He was town treasurer for five years and town chairman for ten years and served as representative from Fond du Lac county to the Wisconsin state legislature for two years. His public service has always been distinguished by energy, conscientiousness and individual force, qualities which have also distinguished his private enterprise and made him a prosperous and influential man."
History of Fond du Lac County, 1912

George Gordon Stack

Mary Alice STACK

James Gordon STACK

Florence "Flossie" Cora STACK

Estelle "Stella" Margaret STACK

Thomas James O'BRIEN

William H. STACK

Hannah Maria "Molly" STACK

Excerpts from an obituary for Bernard R. GROGAN probably published in the St. James (Minnesota) Press - possibly 7 Mar 1894
Died 7:00 a.m., March 5, 1894 in Anaheim, CA [California]; 44 years old; died Monday last at 10:30 a.m. Died of "la grippe" or pneumonia complicated by an asthmatic ailment and heart failure. He was treated by Dr. Bullard; embalmed at Backs' undertaking rooms, Anaheim. Funeral was under the auspices of A.O.U.W.; the pallbearers were 3 militiamen and 3 Workmen; the body was transported back to St. James for burial. The body arrived in St. James where his parents now live by the Omaha [Nebraska] train and was taken to the hall in Olson Block to await funeral service. The funeral procession was formed by 70 members of the St. James Lodge A. O. U. W. Funeral was conducted by Rev. Father Durwood and assisted by George Hingtgen and Wm. Stemper, as acolytes at the Catholic church at 10:30 a.m. The requiem was sung by Miss Lizzie Manning; the body was laid to rest in the Catholic cemetery. Mr. E. Stack, Miss Jennie Stack went to St. James Friday evening to attend the funeral of BRG. P. H. Grogan will go to Kansas City to meet Mrs. Grogan and return to St. James. Mrs. Grogan had hoped to take up permanent residence in Anaheim and looked forward to a new home the next year.

Bernard GROGAN taught one term in the Anaheim high school and then went to Los Angeles where he sold insurance. He returned to Anaheim and was a school principal.

Stephen Sylvester GROGAN

I have only excerpts from an obituary for Stephen Sylvester GROGAN: Stephen was recognized nationally as an authority on the development and progress of the automobile industry; worked at the Washington Post for 25 years and was in charge of national automobile advertising; educated at Georgetown University where he received an A. B. and LL.B. He was graduated in 1907; played on the football team in 1905 and acted as a correspondent for the Washington Post. His first employment with the Post was in the sports department; served as the assistant secretary of the Washington Automotive Trade Association for 10 years from its establishment; member of St. Paul's Catholic Church, served as usher there; surviving are his wife Mrs. Anne Mertz Grogan, mom; and two aunts Mrs. W. T. Riley of Fond du Lac Wisc. and Mrs. Alice Wardenburg of Chicago; connected with the Washington agency for Firestone timers. Married Nan Mertz. unknown date; unknown newspaper

The following is an obituary for his wife:
"Mrs. Grogan; Widow of Post Auto Ad Man Mrs. Stephen S. Grogan, 67, a fourth-generation Washingtonian, died unexpectedly yesterday of a cerebral hemorrhage at her apartment at 1601 Argonne pl. nw. Mrs. Grogan, the former Anne Mertz, was the widow of Stephen S. Grogan, who until his death in 1939 was recognized nationally as an authority on the development and progress of the automobile industry. Mr. Grogan, an employe of The Washington Post for 25 years, was in charge of national automobile-advertising. Mrs. Grogan is survived by her daughter, Mrs. William R. Doores, of 6715 Fairfax rd., Bethesda; two sisters, Mrs. Charles J. Brooks, of the Argonne pl. address, and Mrs. James C. Hering, of Tulsa, Oklahoma; a brother, Richard I. Mertz, of Tulsa, and two grand-children. Funeral services will be held at 10 a.m. Wednesday at St. Paul's Catholic Church. Burial will be in the Mount Olivet Cemetery."
The Washington Post, 26 Aug 1952

Mariana GROGAN

Stephen Sylvester STACK

"Dr. Stephen Sylvester Stack, a prominent representative of the medical profession in Milwaukee, has for the past three decades served as superintendent of the Sacred Heart Sanitarium. Of Irish-American descent, he was born December 22, 1859, in Fond du Lac county, Wisconsin, where his parents were farming people. He began his education in a country school, continued his studies in the Fond du Lac high school and received his professional training in Rush Medical College of Chicago, Illinois, from which he was graduated in 1883. During the succeeding ten years he was a successful medical practitioner of Fond du Lac and then spent three years in study abroad, after which he came to Milwaukee, here continuing in practice for five years. On the expiration of that period, in 1900, he was made superintendent of the Sacred Heart Sanitarium, of which he has remained in charge throughout the intervening period of thirty years, splendid work being done under his efficient and capable direction.

In June, 1893, in Milwaukee, Dr. Stack was united in marriage to Miss Margaret O'Connor, daughter of Jeremiah O'Connor, who is a member of Milwaukee's police department. Mrs. Stack was born in this city and is an active member of the Marquette Woman's League. Mr. and Mrs. Stack have four children, as follows: Dr. Stephen S. Stack, Jr., of Milwaukee; Earl Lanford [sic] Stack, also a resident of this city; Alpheus [sic] F. Stack, who died March 25, 1930, when twenty-six years of age; and Margaret, who passed away October 2, 1923, at the age of twenty years.

Dr. Stack is a communicant of Holy Rosary Catholic Church and fraternally is a fourth degree member of the Knights of Columbus. He also belongs to the Milwaukee Athletic Club, the Wisconsin Club and the Blue Mound Country Club and is a well known horseman. The family home is at 575 Layton boulevard." History of Milwaukee Wisconsin, John G. Gregory, 1931, Vol IV, p. 715

Stephen Sylvester STACK, Jr.

According to the death certificate Dr. Stephen S. Stack died at home, 6055 North Bay Ridge Ave., Whitefish Bay, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin on 26 May 1942. The cause of death was "suicide by gunshot wound in mouth while temporarily insane." His wife, Marie Therese age 45, was the informant.

Earl Langford Joseph STACK

Alfons/Alphonse Francis STACK

In 1927 he was in the custody of his father and was sent to St. Joseph's Retreat in Dearborn, Michigan. He was an alcoholic and dope addict. In 1930 he was living at the family home, 529 Wahl Ave., Milwaukee and his brother, S. S. Stack, Jr. was his guardian.

Marguerite Marie STACK

James Langford STACK

James Langford STACK ( Jr.)

Robert Langford STACK

Robert Stack's autobiography, Straight Shooting can be found at online used book stores.

Elizabeth "Betty" STACK

Stack James HANNAUER


Edward G. STACK

The farm house in Osceola which he inherited burned around 1927 which is probably why he lived for the last five years of his life with his sister, Jennie STACK REILLY, in the city of Fond du Lac.

Jane "Jennie" Rosemunda STACK



Doris Reilly Funk said she was born in Washington, D. C. in 1915 and the adoption took place in 1920. Jennie Reilly had had 3 miscarriages and the babies are buried in Dotyville, Forest Township, Fond du Lac County. Jennie and William were living in Empire Township, Fond du Lac County at that time. Hannah Maria "Marie" Grogran, Jennie's sister, was living in Washington, D. C. with her son at that time. Doris thinks that Marie Grogan arranged the adoption. "Aunt Grogan" took a very great interest in Doris and paid for piano and dancing lessons "to make me a lady." Doris said that she didn't appreciate that.

Doris said she was placed in an orphanage (probably a Catholic orphanage) after her parents died of diptheria [or perhaps in the 1917-18 influenza epidemic] and that Aunt Grogan was a benefactress of this orphanage and arranged to have the Reillys adopt Doris.

Margaret Alice STACK

The only place I know that the name "Margaret" appears is on her marriage license. At all other times she was referred to as "Alice" or "Allie."

Harry Anthony WARDENBURG, Jr.


Thomas F. STACK

Thomas G. FULLER

The cemetery marker says: Tom Fuller (d. 1/20/1866) 18 years old, born in O'Dorney, Co. Kerry.

James Langford FULLER

"Ireland has furnished many capable and efficient citizens to Osceola township among whom must be numbered James L. Fuller, who holds the title to a beautiful farm of two hundred and twenty acres, which is in every way a tribute to his agricultural skill and business ability. He was born in County Kerry in 1847, a son of William and Katherine (Langford) Fuller, who were born, reared and married in the same county and there the father passed away. In 1865, the mother with our subject and his brother Thomas emigrated to the United States to join her other sons and daughters, who were already residents of this county. They landed in New York city, coming from there direct to Fond du Lac county, where they established their home.

James L. Fuller was a youth of eighteen years when he came to America with his mother and brother; and has ever since been a resident of Fond du Lac county. They settled in Osceola township and for nine or ten years thereafter he worked out by the month for various farmers in this vicinity. He was ambitious as well as diligent and thrifty, and although he received but meager wages he ultimately saved enough from his earnings to enable him to buy eighty acres of land, on which had been placed a few crude improvements. This tract was purchased in 1874 and formed the nucleus of his present valuable homestead. The acquirement of a place of his own seemed to be an incentive to yet closer application and the expenditure of unceasing effort. He is a very practical man and exercised good judgment and intelligence in the development of his property, meeting with a corresponding degree of success, and as a result he was subsequently able to increase his holdings until his farm now comprises two hundred and twenty acres. Much labor and money has been expended in its development during the intervening years, and the result has been well worthy of the effort and it is now numbered among the valuable properties of the township. Everything about the place is in good condition, clearly manifesting the careful supervision and competent management that bespeaks prosperity and brings success in any line of business. During the period of his ownership Mr. Fuller has transformed this property from practically a wilderness into a highly cultivated farm and an attractive place of residence. He has improved it by the erection of a comfortable house, large barns and ample sheds and outbuildings for the protection of his stock and machinery, while his fields are substantially fenced and his equipment is fully equal to his needs and requirements.

In 1873, Mr. Fuller was married to Miss Ellen Dalton of Eden, a native of Empire, and to them have been born five sons: William Henry; Thomas; Edward; John Langford, who married Mary Norges, a daughter of William Norges; and Stephen.

The family are communicants of the Roman Catholic church and belong to St. James Parish at Eden. Mr. Fuller is a democrat in his political views and served as assessor in his township for six years. He is very proud of his farm, as well he may be, and derives great satisfaction from the fact that it has been won through his own effort, as he has made his way alone and fully merits such success as has come to him." Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, pp 117-18

William Henry FULLER

John Langford FULLER aka John Michael FULLER

Florence Ellen FULLER

William James RAHN

Robert Lee RAHN

Margaret Kathryn FULLER



Stephen S. FULLER

Margaret FULLER

In the 1870 U. S. Census John COUGHLIN, age 36, a farmer, was born in Ireland and was living with his wife, Margaret, age 26 born in Ireland and their children: Catherine age 8, John age 7, Ellen age 6, William age 5 and Mary age 3. Also living in the household was Catherine FULLER, presumably Margaret's mother, age 64 born in Ireland. I have not found John and Margaret in subsequent censuses. Wisconsin Births 1820-1907 at gives the same birth date for John COUGHLIN, but other dates for the other children all of whom were born in Fond du Lac County: Catherine COUGHLIN 4 January 1870 (parents: John COUGHLIN born in Ireland and Margaret FULLER born in Ireland -FHL film#1302870, item 1, p.304), Ellen COUGHLIN 22 April 1860, William COUGHLIN 26 October 1861 and Mary COUGHLIN 26 October 1861. According to Wisconsin Deaths & Burials 1835-1968 at, Mary COUGHLIN died 26 August 1862 in Friendship, Fond du Lac County.


In the 1880 U. S. Census (15 June 1880) I found a John COUGHLIN age 16 born in Wisconsin (whose parents were born in Ireland) working as a laborer and living with the James W. KITCHIN family on a farm in Eldorado, Fond du Lac County. Mr. and Mrs. KITCHIN were both born in England so they were probably not related to John. [E.D. 36, pp 20 & 21]

Ellen "Nellie" COUGHLIN

In the 1900 U. S. Census Nellie said she had had 7 children of whom 5 were then living. Mary M. DUNN was listed as the stepdaughter of Edward HUTCHINSON.


The 1910 U. S. Census states that Alice COUGHLIN had had one child who was then living. Alice's maiden name was listed on her son Roger's death certificate. In the 1900 U. S. Census William, Alice and Roger were living in Eagle Grove Township, Wright County, Iowa. In the 1910 U. S. Census, William, Alice and Roger were living in Seattle, King County, Washington State.


In 1936 a Roger J. COUGHLIN was living in San Mateo County, California with Mrs. Adelaide C. COUGHLIN and in 1944 Roger J., Adelaide C. and Miss Patricia M. COUGHLIN were living in San Mateo County. [San Mateo County, California Voter Registration Lists []

Elizabeth Langford FULLER

The information on this family is from B C

William Standish (or Stanley) O'GRADY

B. C. provided the information about this family.

Mary Jane Frances O'GRADY

B C provided the information about this family.

John Langford FULLER

B C provided the information about John Langford FULLER and his family.


Selina May FULLER

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